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TallBoy’s Wild Wild West

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Living in the Roxiticus Valley, New Jersey, I haven’t been very good about posting to Roxy’s Best Of… Santa Fe, New Mexico, snce we visited Rex’s brother, Jake, in Estancia, NM, two years ago.  However, Rex’s son, TallBoy, is starting law school in Santa Clara, California, in the Fall, and he and his girlfriend, ModelGirl, decided to drive cross country, visiting friends and blogging along the way. Over the past weekend, TallBoy and ModelGirl reached New Mexico and Rex received the following e-mail from Jake:

Dear Mom and Rex,

We had a great time with TallBoy and ModelGirl. We toured the Quarai Pueblo ruins, took the tram to the Sandia Peak in a storm, bought souvenirs and had New Mexican rellenos in Old Town Albuquerque. We had lunch on the porch of the oldest Spanish restaurant in Santa Fe on Canyon Road, toured the permanent collection at the New Mexico Museum of Art and strolled and bought Indian jewelry on the plaza. We visited Madrid, NM, an old coal mining town in the Ortiz Mountains.

They were a pleasure to be with, and I think they enjoyed their visit.

Hope all is well.

Love, Jake

TallBoy’s Wild Wild West blog got me singin’ this Escape Club song from the 80s, which of course has very little to do with Living in the Wild WIld West, but I’m going to share it with all of you anyway.

Forty-seven dead beats living in the back street
North east west south all in the same house
Sitting in a back room waiting for the big boom
I’m in a bedroom waiting for my baby

She’s so mean but I don’t care
I love her eyes and her wild wild hair
Dance to the beat that we love best
Heading for the nineties
Living in the wild wild west
The wild wild west

Mandy’s in the backroom handing out Valium
Sheriff’s on the airwaves talking to the D.J.’s
Forty-seven heartbeats beating like a drum
Got to live it up live it up
Ronnie’s got a new gun


Now put your flags in the air and march them up and down
You can live it up live it up all over the town
And turn to the left, turn to the right
I don’t care as long as she comes tonight


Heading for the nineties living in the eighties
Screaming in a back room waiting for the big boom
Give me give me wild west
Give me give me safe sex
Give me love give me love
Give me time to live it up



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